European Guide and Scout Conference 2016

CPGS joined the European Guide and Scout Conference at Oslofjord Convention Centre.

We had a CPGS-lunch with the members present at the conference (and with other people interested); Annette and Adrien presented the current status of CPGS and we had a joint exchange of thoughts and plans.

The new regional plan of WOSM Europe has “Diversity & Inclusion” which includes Peace Education through spiritual development and dialogue (again) as one of its strategic priorities. As CPGS, we would like to provide our committment for that objective.

Annette also took part in a working-session of the European Interreligious Forum (EIF) to plan the next activities there and continue the exchange started at the inauguration meeting of the EIF in London in March. Together with Alain from the International Forum of Jewish Scouts, Annette presented the EIF during a “show&tell”-session to the conference.

We also helped preparing the Interreligious Ceremony at the conference, which was held at the beautiful shore of the fjord.

Interreligious Ceremony participants

Interreligious Ceremony text-collage

Basides, we had planned to present the new rollup-banner of CPGS at the conference, but unfortunately my carrier KLM lost track of it … (update: also after two months it didn’t turn up again, so there will be a new one to be made…)



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