Interamerican Scout Conference 2016

Welcome to IASC

To get into better contact with the Interamerican Scout Region we joined the Interamerican Scout Conference, which took place in Houston from 26–29 October.

At the conference, Göran Hagerdahl from World Scout Bureau gave a presentation on preliminary conclusions from the Duty-to-God-Survey earlier this year. Here is one slide about how the answers on religious affiliation distribute: Duty-to-God Survey

I am also happy to have had the chance to talk to the Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica and to the União dos Escoteiros do Brasil about what we do as CPGS. I hope there will be further contacts and cooperation in the future.

And finally, this time I was able to present the new rollup-banner of CPGS: Annette and the new rollup-banner


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