CPGS was at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree

Nine people from four different countries were in the protestant tent to anime, explain, exchange around protestantism, religions and habits of many cultures.

The Protestant tent began by an exhibition about protestantism in the world showing the global spread, the main currents of protestantism and the explanation of the five solas, which are the common fundamentals of numerous protestant currents. The exhibition focused on the reformer Luther and his 95 theses as it will be the anniversary of 500 years of the reformation in 2017. Participants could test their knowledges with a quiz about this main reformer.

Protestant Tent In the tent Exhibition Exhibition

At the end of the exhibition, they could put their own ideas to imagine what could be the theses for today ? Just before to leave, participants and IST put their paint hand on a big paper with their name and country. The meaning was that each hand is different but all have the same value !


A great moment during the Jamboree was the inter-religious ceremony, followed by a protestant service. 500 people were gathered, in the shadow with an appreciated slight wind, to hear a service animed by the Chaplin Greg Godwin from the USA. The texts were read in several languages and musicians accompanied great songs.

Assembled for the service Sermon Eucharist

So, CPGS was in Japan !


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