Past Activities

World Scout Conference 2014

(reported by Inka Hopsu)

  • CPGS organized together with ICCS and DESMOS an ecumenical peace prayer. Ecumenical Prayer
  • CPGS had stand with posters and members had CPGS t-shirts to build up visibility.
  • CPGS took part of formulating Joint statement of World Scout Interreligious Forum Joint Statement
  • CPGS took part of Jamboree preparation meeting.
  • CPGS took part of Interreligious Forum meeting.
  • CPGS took part of DESMOS meeting.
  • CPGS took part of IFJS Sabbath celebrations.
  • CPGS took part of the Duty to God discussion.
  • At CPGS own meeting:
    • We had 17 participants, CPGS members from Germany, France, Finland and Sweden, Other NSOs: Switzerland, WSB representatives, European Committee vice chair, DESMOS representative
    • We discussed about wishes and needs from NSOs and requirements for consultitive status holders.
    • WSB gave an short update of Duty to God discussion and ideas about the process.
    • We talked about actions needed for membership growth.
    • We asked active participation for Jamboree from all members. Volunteer ISTs should be pointed.
    • Next General Assembly, Germany volunteered to host, earliest on proposed weekend 24th till 26th of October.
    • European Region gave update of European triennal plan, which includes also more focus on spiritual dimension. We were asked to take actively part.

Light of Peace / Lumière de la Paix de Bethléem 2013

Light of Peace

Our members Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France (EEUdF), Suomen Partiolaiset and Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP) are taking part in this year’s activities and will join scouts from all over Europe at December 14 in Vienna to recieve the Light of Peace from Bethlehem and to distribute it in their communities.

There is more information at, and

EEUdF and the German scouts also prepared some toolkits: - (French) - (German)

Seminar 2013, Hämeenlinna, Finland

The Council for Protestants in Guiding and Scouting is organising a seminar together with The Guides and Scouts of Finland

We are looking forward to seeing everyone for a great and productive seminar in Hämeenlinna, Friday the 27th of September to Sunday the 29th of September.

We will be spending the weekend together sharing our experiences in spiritual dimention in scouting. What can we learn from each others? What are the biggest challenges? How the society or the Scout organisation is supporting us? We have also some very great guestspeakers coming. During the weekend there will also be time to meet with the scouts from Finland who are working in this field, to see some Finnish traditions and nature and to have fun together.

The program will begin at 19.30 Friday evening, there will however be arranged transportation help from Helsinki during the afternoon, more information about this will follow. The weekend will end around 14.00 Sunday.

The meeting will take place near Hämeenlinna.

Price for the seminar: 135 Euro

Deadline for registration: Sunday, 26 august 2012 to

More information about the program will follow for registered persons or more info or

Sincerely the Guides and Scouts of Finland hosts

4th World Scout Inter-religious Symposium – Iksan, S. Korea 1st to 5th August, 2012

by Inka Hopsu

The 4th World Scout Inter-religious Symposium (WSIS) was held from 1st to 5th August 2012 at WonKwang University, Iksan South Korea. This event was hosted jointly by The Korea Scouts Association and Won-Buddhism Scouts Council (WBSC). It was organized by members of the World Scout Inter-religious Forum (WSIF), an informal network of religious groups/organizations in Scouting, and was supported by the World Scout Bureau.

The theme of this symposium was “Growing Scouting through Families and Communities”. Discussion was focused mostly on growth and not that much on spiritual dimension. All the present Religious groups: ICCS, IUMS, Buddhist, Von-Buddhist, CPGS represent their latest news.

Programme Activities

  • World Scout Inter-religious Forum: includes presentations, workshops,and discussions on how Scouting can grow in the context of families and religious communities.
  • Educational Tour
    • Visiting Korean historical and religious sites
    • Walking the interfaith path in Jeonju
  • Sightseeing
    • Traditional Korean village in Jeonju
    • Seoul city tour (after symposium)
  • Cultural Activities
    • Korean arts and crafts
  • Reception and meals with special guests and participants
  • Daily guided meditation sessions for settling into a peaceful mind
  • Programme available for children accompanying attendees during the symposium


Scouts, Scout leaders from around world about 100. Young adult Scouts were very much encouraged to attend, there were around 100 Koreans and Taiwanese young leaders with separate youth programme.

Meditation retreat: 5th–7th August, 2012

A meditation retreat following the symposium was offered.

Roverway 2012

In 2012, a Roverway took place in Finland. At this jamboree, where 3500 rovers out of more than 50 countries (mostly Europeans but not only) and from several religious confessions came by, the presence of the CPGS had a real meaning.

In the “Live your life” path, between the Catholics, Jewish and other non confessional spiritual meditation tents, the CPGS offered a internal meditation activity based on several moments of the Christian life, materialize by pearls of different form and color: the “Pearls of life”.

Created by a Swedish Lutheran bishop in 1966, this 18 pearls bracelet gives each participant the opportunity to ask himself questions of life, to pry, to meditate, without any concrete prayer formulation. Each pearl is accompanied with a small text detailing her meaning and her integration in our life, and also with some questions about yourself bringing the participant to prayer or meditation as wanted by bishop Lönnebo.

Pearls of Life The bracelet begins with the golden pearl and goes counter-clockwise (as they represent the path of life):

  • The pearl of God
  • The pearl of Silence
  • The I-pearl
  • The pearl of Baptism
  • The pearl of Silence
  • The Desert pearl
  • The pearl of Silence
  • The Serenity pearl
  • The pearl of Silence
  • Two pearls of Love
  • Three pearls of Mystery (pearls of Secret)
  • The Night pearl (pearl of Darkness)
  • The pearl of Silence
  • The pearl of Resurrection
  • The pearl of Silence

At the end of the four days of Roverway, the results are very positives. Lot of people came to the CPGS tent; some of them stayed a while at the meditation place in order to “answer” the questions asked by the pearls and several leaved traces of their meditation through messages written on papers stamped to the tent. Following her own success, the CPGS tent went out of pearls before the end of the Roverway and the last person to come by could only get the explanations of the pearls and the associated meditation.

The CPGS tent was animated by 2 people of the CPGS board (from Finland and France) and 2 persons out of the German VCP, also member of the CPGS.

22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden 2011

21st World Scout Jamboree in the UK 2007


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